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Found this nifty tutorial on how to make Dreamwidth's default layout look more like old!Livejournal via [personal profile] rionaleonhart and it actually makes me like Dreamwidth more!

I thought to stick with LJ for another ten months just to hit my ten year anniversary next October, but they keep doing stupid things so maybe I'll be shifting across sooner. Idk. I'm still pretty happy on LJ because it's where all my stuff is; I've been there over nine years and that's a lot of backlog to shift, but...they are getting worse about doing dumb things that annoy pretty much their entire userbase.

I have a proper epic post brewing, with tales of me and co-workers asking random strangers if they were Santa, and how I felt about Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (many many thoughts on this! Most of love but a few of woe and a few of wibbly-wobbly indecision) and complaints about how - no matter how hard I try - I still seem to have been crap at Christmas this year.*

* (I was meant to have a cheap Christmas. Self, what the hell happened?)

But proper post will come in the next few days, after I've finished work tomorrow and had some sleep and generally managed to feel on top of life again. I'm sure that I love Christmas. I am. I just always forget how much I hate the last few days before it.

eta: Crosspost totes failed because I have the wrong LJ password saved. Cannot be bothered to fix it right now, so. You know. Skipping the x-post on this one out of sheer laziness.
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