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Yeah. So last night was Andy Roddick. Who for some inexplicable reason was catching an ordinary train by himself (the platform looked like Southfields but it wasn't a Tube train. >:-/) I realised pretty quick that I was wearing my bright right ADVANTAGE FEDERER t-shirt, only it now read ADVANTAGE RODDICK. I couldn't work out if that was better or worse but stalked him anyway. He sat behind me on the train and we had a conversation about how it was his & Roger's fault that I was into tennis and went to Wimbledon every year. And then we talked about how expensive the WTF is this year and he said he couldn't wait to see it because he'd never been. Which is a lie because we saw him there. Maybe he meant as a player. Then he recognised the woman sitting across from us who was apparently from a place called "Welshbottle" (possibly my brain meant Welshpool?) and then Casper woke me up scratching at the door to come in.

Dear Subconscious, I don't know what this is about. But next I would like Marat Safin or Robin Söderling please. Or you know, you can include more than one tennis player per dream; it's not as if you have some sort of quota.



I'm going back to the dentist in two hours to have my pre-Crown work done. The appointment takes an hour apparently. -_- I'm starting to feel as if I live there. Aaaaaand the woman is ill so now I have to go scramble to get ready to catch the train instead. Hopefully he won't freeze my mouth and I can go for a coffee afterwards but I'm never that lucky with dentists. -_-
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