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m e & d r e a m w i d t h / l i v e j o u r n a l

Mid-twenties British tennis fanatic with frequent side-trips into fandoms like figure skating, sci-fi tv shows and British comedy. Am Clo over on LJ but someone took that name before me over here (if that person-who-has-never-updated comes looking, I'd be happy to take it off your hands anytime thanks). Most activity takes place over on my LJ but in future any fic will be posted here, thanks to LJ's post-length restrictions, with a fake-cut to here posted over on my LJ.

r u b r i c

f r i e n d i n g p o l i c y : I don't really have one - if you want to friend me feel free, no need to ask but please do introduce yourself so I can friend back if we have interests in common (all fic posted here will be left unlocked indefinitely).

f i c : I write, and talk, about RPS (real person slash) quite a lot. If that bothers you, my journals probably aren't your happy place.

i c o n s : I make most of my own icons (if it's not credited to someone else then it's mine). I'm always happy to share but please ask and credit when taking.

r e s o u r c e s : Many of the icons I make use PS brushes and textures from teh_indy, pekeana, soaked, iris_elegance, kissedpaper,divine_desire,, and

* * *

If you like what you see, feel free to introduce yourself. If not, feel free to hit the back button. The internet's a big place; we can all find our own corner.

But I promise don't bite (often). ;)
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